Monday, March 9, 2015

So You Wanna Be a Hero?

Samurai hats!


  Well not sure what to say this week. Nothing to top last time. Just a lot of rain. One cool thing happened that I want to share though.

   We had a great opportunity to bring out priest, Satoki to a lesson with us. Our investigator wasn't home so we took him dendoing with us instead. he just watched, but seemed to get a kick out of it. We were actually able to get a potential investigator. Then his mom picked us up and we had dinner at their house. It was cool.

  This experience brought back some memories of when I was in Satokis position, many times. I remember going housing with Elder Olsen and Elder Brimhall when I was 17 and how we got a yakusousha while housing, and the time I almost drove Elder Phillips and Elder Willie out of the area. Only in this situation, I was the missionary.

  What made me want to be a missionary in a long run, was the Conway ward missionaries. They became my heroes. Now I was in there shoes. Kind of nervous, but it was fun. I think we were able to build a stronger relationship with this young man. It was pretty cool for me though to see in perspective that I had become what my missionaries were to me.

We also did Zone Conference and stuff. Lots of good things there about how we need to do the things we aren't. So we are gonna keep getting better. Sometimes I feel really weak, like I'm not good at dendo etc. but if I trust in the Lord I know we can accomplish our goals.

Well not many pictures this week either, maybe next time. I love yall. Take care and have a good one!


Happy 22nd wedding anniversary to my wonderful Parents Nelson and Linda!!!!! And Happy Birthday to my companion Elder Tallent this weekend!

I found a Coca cola place nearby

Tallent E and his doughnut

Elder Jackson and his companion teaching a mogi lesson with two senior elders.

Jackson, Nilsson, Emery, and Naylor, the oldest Elders in the Zone

Pancakes I made mmmm

Sister Yamashita giving Sister Thompson a birthday present

Happy Birthdays at Zone Conference

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