Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Yo Hablo Espanol?

The Brazilian/Spanish family in our branch

Hola! Como esta mi amigos!

   We went to a Brazilian/Spanish members house for dinner this weekend. we had homemade pizza, it was delicious. The dad, Garcia Kyoudai speaks Portuguese and Garcia Shimai speaks Spanish and Portuguese and the daughter speaks Japanese so we communicated through her. It was a really fun evening. They are so nice and have strong testimonies. I talked about how I knew some Spanish from back home and tried speaking a little, the mom said I had a Mexican accent. They even asked me to read a scripture in Spanish. It was funny.
Pizza made by Garcia Kyoudai

    I also went on another 3nin kokan with the Zone Leaders, this time with Elder Bedwell. I knew him from way back in Nagano Zone. We had a way fun time trying to find people and visiting members. We contacted everyone we had in our Area Book. Most of them were young moms that the Shimai had once taught. Out of all of those people, Some of them responded to us, and one of them even made an appointment to meet with us again. Yay! No effort is wasted.

   Everyone at church is getting excited for elder Ballard of the 12 to come and speak to us in 2 weeks. We missionaries are challenged to bring 10 nonmember folk to the big event. The members are also going to bring their friends. Our branch choir will be singing at the conference. It is very special since Elder Ballard is only coming to our Mission and only our Stake (it will be broad casted to the other stakes in the mission tho.) We are looking forward to see what he and the other General Authorities have to say to us.
Me and Nagoya Castle's top

   Well guys, I know the gospel is true. Sorry there aren't much pictures this week. This week is my 1 year in Japan! I am kokaning with Elder Tanner to celebrate. And hopefully we'll get ice cream at 31 =). Hope you guys are doing splendidly!

Love you all

HBD to my homies Elder Tanner, Trevor, and Shane!
Elder Bedwell and The top of Nagoya Castle, taken down for cleaning.

Elder Tallent and the top of Nagoya Castle

Elder T's haircut

Model missionary

funny English rules

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