Wednesday, February 18, 2015

1 Year in 日本!

Funny things at the Kondos.


1 year ago I stepped off the plane and into a new world that would change EVERYTHING I knew. Oh my gosh how the places I've been and people I've met have taught me so much! Particularly the examples of the Saints here were the church is small, but their faith is strong. My whole outlook on living a Christian life has switched perspectives seeing how these members press forward with what they do.
Funny things at the Kondos.

   I still remember exactly what we did those first few days. My first walk about snowy Nagano, my trainer trying to get me to talk to people, chasing him to the eki to get to ZTM on time, meeting the sisters, Branch President, and members, and shoveling that parking lot. I couldn't comprehend at the time the adventures that I would have.

   My companion and I were sharing stories and experiences from our pasts. Elder Tallent's story sounds like a really cool movie. It is interesting how a mission takes stories so different and unique and connects them. Each of us is indeed a story, and the gospel, no matter to what degree, is THE story that connects us all. From South Carolina to Japan, to Brazil, Australia, Utah, and Canada, billions of stories with the same beginning, with Heavenly Father.
Elder Tallent and his box of valentines love <3.

   I am so glad that Japan is a part of my story. It's cool, funny, exciting, delicious, bland, hard, hilly, hot, cold, and full of love. My new home away from home.

    This weekend is the big one, an Apostle of the Lord is coming to speak to us. While that's going on, we also have Transfer calls, wow that was fast. Please pray for that as well. I believe that this will be a spiritually uplifting and power packed weekend indeed. We are all excited for it. No idea how transfers will go, but I believe that our President will be guided by the Lord to make wise decisions.

   So here's to one year in the land of the rising sun! いちごいちえ! HOIZA!

Celebrating 1 year in Japan with Domino's Pizza!

Cheese stuffed crust mmm! Reminds me of Grandma's house.

And Ice Cream!

(Tanner ate half of it) (it was scary)

Tanner after eating too much!

Tanner after eating too much!

Elder Dana and a lady on the train taking a snooze.
Exploring A different neighborhood.

Exploring A different neighborhood.

Klien, Tallent, and Nakahara Choro tachi at Zone Interviews.
New Ninja Rangers!

New Ninja Rangers!

Mt Fuji ice cream made by TuAkoi.

Celebrating Elder Tanner's Birthday after DTM.

Elder Bed taking our picture.

Choro tachi at Shyabu shyabu for Elder Tanner's Birthday DTM.

My Title of Liberty, it says "Every Person, Every Place, is 4 a Reason Only God Knows Nihon 2015".

My personal valentines treat #senkyosh #31flavors.

Sort of commemorating going to Baskin Robbins 1 year ago when I first met Nielson and Avarell and getting snowed in at Nagano. Good times.

More ice cream fun!

Members gave us chocolate too!

Tallent's valentines package of kisses.

How did this happen?

Tanner and I spotted this on our kokan.

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