Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's Time to See What I Can Do, Test the Limits and Break Through

Nakatsugawa and Seto Disrict picture, great team!

Gonna miss this sister.

Ezaki Airi from Nagano! So good to see her again!

Me and President and Sister Baird

 With this transfer call I have gained a new responsibility. I will be staying in Seto, but I will now be companions with Elder Laumatia, who just finished being trained here. So that means, for the first time ever, I am the Senior Companion.

   I am so excited and so nervous about this new leadership position. I will be leading the dendo efforts of our companionship, seeking revelation, and teaching more lessons. No more will I be a shadow or a sidekick. I am in charge, and I am humbled by this trust from the Lord. I am nervous, but I am ready.

   Elder Beck will also stay in Seto, but now he will be training a new missionary, another bean chan. And also Elder Wheeler is going to Ueda where I went on many kokans when I was in Nagano.

   And my old friend, TuAkoi choro is training again, that means I have a brother! haha.

    So this week was crazy! First we had Zone Interviews. President and Sister Yamashita had a lot of great advice to share this time. They are giving out prizes to people who complete their Ninja pass off (Japanese missionary book) I am almost done with it. Went out to eat with the district too, that was fun. And I saw my friend Avarell Shimai for the last time before she goes home. I made a photo album for her with some Nagano pictures as a going away present. Gonna miss her a ton.

   Skip ahead to Sunday, when the universe bent in half and EVERYONE in the world came to church. Like I mean, unexpected people. First we saw Wakobayashi kyodai, a member from Beck's old branch in Ueda. Then I saw one of the Ezaki girls from Nagano. She remembered me and how I do Kamen Rider poses! lol. They were there for a Youth Conference tour with a bunch of other cool Japanese LDS teens. It was a party.

  Then the most random thing of all; in walks President Baird, the former president of the Japan Nagoya Mission. Whaaat?! I've heard so many legends of this guy, but I never thought I'd meet him. He was way nice and told us that we are part of the best mission in the church. So awesome.

    And today I have a cold, again. So boring. I've just been resting. But I am way excited for this transfer and way nervous and wah. Please pray for me in this new assignment, that I will have the spirit of revelation, and be able to see a baptism this transfer. It's gonna be good!

    This weekend is Stake Conference! Well I will see y'all next time. Love you all and take care.

Elder Watkins, the sempai
The Linimo Line

The Linimo Line

Assistants to the President, out to dendo, like pros.

Avarell and Campbell Shimai

Beck Choro with Baird Kaicho

Bowl perfectly broken, haha!!

Lamatia with Baird Kaicho

The book was well received, mission accomplished :)

The Nagoya Dendo Honbu (Mission Home)

Where it all began.



Photo Book for Avarell Shimai

Photo Book for Avarell Shimai

Made the ward news again!

Made the ward news again!

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