Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Black Burgers in Your Native Tongue

Bored at a store, haha!!

Bored at a store, haha!!

Happy Conference everybody! Saw it already? Well watch it again, I'm sure you will learn even more!

   We don't get it here until a week later for translation. And boy there was a ton of translation! With all the speakers speaking their own languages and being surrounded by Japanese, Portuguese, Canadian, and Australian people, watching conference became an inter-cultural experience. It was fun watching it with a bunch of good friends too.

     I learned a lot about caring for the poor, the Sacrament, and following the example of the Lord Jesus Christ. Most of all however, was the re-assurance that came to me that we have a living Prophet on the earth, with a capital P. Thomas S. Monson gave short remarks that ring true. We asked one wheelchair-bound member how it was, he replied that he had come to conference prepared with questions to which he found answers to as he listened with the Spirit. I also observed as I sat next to my friend, Sister Avarell who only has one week left of her mission, how important the gospel is to her, as she took careful notes and made thoughtful comments. I felt just how great and important it is that we have a prophet now in our day, what a gift from the Most High!

   Well folks this week our Zone has interviews with the President and this Saturday we have the great and terrible day of Transfer Calls. Please pray for me and my companion, I don't want anything to change this transfer for us two, but whatever the case, please pray that we will have another great transfer,  even better than the last, and that we will see a baptism in that transfer. We need your prayers. Help us to improve upon our weaknesses and go beyond our limits as we invite others to come unto Christ. As always, I am praying for each of you too.

    Brothers and sisters, I love you. I feel it is never not the time to show that toward everyone. Y'all have another great week too!

Much love,
Elder Watdawg Watkins

Birthday shout out to me ole buddy and good friend Sheldon Richey "Take what ya can, give nothin back" aarrgg!
Lama chan with the panda hat

General conference!!!

McDonald's special Halloween burgers!

I had the black one.

It was good!

Colored with squid ink I hear, has BBQ sauce. It was awesome. Bun tasted the same, just black.

Jelly Bellies! Sashiburi! (used to be full to the top lolz)

So much chocolate! But not too much ;)

All the Shimai at General Conference
Yamamoto Choro cooking some delicious Okonomiyaki
Yamamoto Choro cooking some delicious Okonomiyaki

All the Shimai at General Conference 

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