Saturday, September 20, 2014

Transfers: Episode VI Return of the Elder

   Well it has been a crazy first week of transfer 6. Today we went to a cool place with some members, the Totoro house from the movie Totoro! I haven't seen it yet, but everyone loves it a ton and I am looking forward to watching it when I return. It was way fun! Got some great pictures from it.

      I'm back with Elder Beck! Its pretty fun, and it looks like, if we play our cards right and follow the spirit, we can see 2 or even 3 baptisms this transfer. So please pray that we will know what we must say and do with our investigators to help them come unto Christ. I have faith that we can do it! We will ganbaru!

    We also went to a huge matsuri (festival) called Seto Mono Matsuri, Seto is famous for pottery so it was a pottery matsuri. It was super fun and a lot of folks were there. But the fireworks weren't near as cool as the ones at Owari Asahi last month.

  Also back at home in the south, I am expecting a new cousin within the next week. I am so excited! Please pray that everything will go well and send me a photo as soon as you can!

  Well we are going to a cookout this evening so I will just leave you with a thought that helps me sometimes. Its something Uchtdorf Koncho said recently "Be grateful IN your circumstances" think about that this week.

Love you all so very much!
Watkins Choro

September is full of birthdays! Shout out to Marie Hall and Kurt, and whoever else was born this week!

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