Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Transfers Episode V The Golden Clock Strikes Back

The book of Nagano.

Last stroll in downtown Nagano; historic cite of my dendo adventures.

Hello From Seto!

   It has been a trying week with all the changes. Everything I knew is completely different now. And I miss all of my dear friends. But there are lots of fun new things too.

    I am in a new apartment with 4 Elders. My companion, Elder Jackson, then Elder Wheeler from Hawaii, and his companion Elder Laumatia from Hawaii. He is also a bean chan!

   The Nakatsugawa missionaries are also in our district. Elders Yamamoto and Park, and Sisters Maughn and Aso. I was in the MTC with Aso shimai and we took the same plane to Japan, she's my same doki. Way cool to see her again.

    I went to church in the Seto Ward yesterday, the members are really nice. One of the 8 year old girls got baptized so we got to attend the baptism. We also got to go to a members house last night for dinner and a small birthday party for one of the sisters in the ward. Our ward mission leader, Ono Kyodai took us to a big fireworks show which was way crowded and way fun.

    Seto is a lot smaller than Nagano, but also not as banished. In fact we are really, really close to the mission honbu and Nagoya City. It is hotter but I'm dealing with it well. There are also a lot of hills. Yep.

    So after Elder Yamada and I left Nagano on the bus, we went to Nagoya City ,5 hours, and stayed at the Takabata Elders apartment. It's way nice and in the middle of the city with a nice view. Everything in the city is way fancy. There is this strange feeling that comes with coming out of banishment. As I looked out into the city, I realized that this mission is way bigger than I thought before.

   At the Golden Clock the next day, I also realized or rather remembered that I'm not alone. A large host of some of my great friends gathered at the clock. I saw almost all of my MTC district including Brown, Tanner, and Smith. Then the Nagano Zone arrived led by my old partner Chiba Choro. They are such a merry band. Elders Beck and Mueller came too. I miss those guys. Everyone had a great reunion and then we all went to a Chinese buffet. That was craziness as we all crammed in elevators and stuff. Way fun.

   And now I'm here. And it's the start of what you might liken to season 3 of a tv series. All these new characters and some familiar faces too. It is fun. And I also have a quote that Elder Yamada left me with that rings so true for me as I think of all the people I've met and places I've been.

"Every person and every experience is the perfect preparation for a future only God knows" Corrie Brown.

   Love you all and have a good week!

Wat chan
Takabata Apartment

Takabata Apartment

Leaving home

Leaving home

Road Trip

View of Nagoya City

Gold Clock

Brown Choro!

Peterson Shimai's new companion.

Jackson Choro playing games.

Jackson chillin in the park.

My new desk

Awesome old mansion

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