Sunday, August 17, 2014

Old Familiar friends, waiting just around the bend

The boys are back (Brown and Tanner)

Yesterday we had 1 hour only of church cuz of the storm. And I was asked to give a 10 minute talk by the Bishop. I told about who I was and the whole ward laughed, that was funny haha, many told me afterwards that they enjoyed my talk and that it was very fun. One sister said that I would be easier for her to remember because of it being "dramatic". Haha. I also talked about somethings that I learned on my mission so far. I am still not good at Japanese, but I can speak to people in a way they understand, and it is a bit more natural to me. I have also learned not to be afraid of making a few mistakes.

  We also had ZTM this last Friday in Meito, the heart of the mission. That's were President Yamashita lives, at the honbu. He even came to our meeting and spoke. Way awesome. I also saw a few old friends that I think you'll remember. Of coarse, my boys, Elders Brown and Tanner were there! I saw them last week too. And, I wish I got photo evidence, but Avarell Shimai was there too! Sashiburi! It was so cool to talk to her again. She just had a baptism in her area. She is doing super. She commented that I have lost a lot of weight since the bean days. She is also in the same district as Brown and Tanner. That's way crazy.

Well It has been 1 whole year since we gathered in my living room and opened the call to serve. Isn't that crazy? Already so much has happened. And I have a year and a half to go. 5 transfers, 2 areas, and many eternal friends. There are miracles happening with yall too. I got a new uncle recently and my dad just baptized him last Saturday. Isn't that marvelous? And now my dad has one more baptism than me, looks like I need to step up my game haha. Please pray for us in Seto, that we will find, teach, and baptize. Please pray for my comrades in Nagano as well. And for every missionary in the world from me, to Sheldon Richey, to your selves, that we may all be able to bring to pass the work of salvation.

ijo desu! (that's all for now)

Love y'all
Elder Watkins

PS: Sorry for the lack of pics.  I'm having trouble with my photos. I'm working on the problem and there will be many more photos to come.

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