Monday, February 17, 2014

Nagano, the Legendary Ice World

Some say it's still snowing.

Hello from Japan Everyone! So yeah, I am postponing my promise of Dai Sempai photos until I can get my camera back from Delta because I left it on my plane to Detroit. So... yeah. Bummer.

My Trainer let me send 2 of his photos of us so hope you like them :).

So I am a "Bean" as they call the new missionaries, and I'm in Nagano, the coldest area of the mission. We spent the past couple of days shoveling 5ft of snow off of the entire church parking lot. Crazy.

So I'll tell you more about Japan and Stuff next week, but I want you all to know that I am well and we did have church yesterday and the members are soo nice.

I'll leave you with my trainer Tu'Akoui Choro (from Hawaii) no favorite Scripture which is Mark 5:36.

Love yall and aishitemasu!

Watkins Choro


 Tu'Akoui Choro and me with Nagano City behind us.

Tu'Akoui Choro and me at the church.

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